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12 Home Office Ideas For Two

Sharing home office space with your family/partner sounds like a brilliant idea. Apart from saving space, no one has to share time using the workspace anymore because everyone has their seat. Unfortunately, It’s not as easy as it seems. Creating a home office for two is sure to be more complicated than creating one for yourself. It takes careful planning and compromises with other individuals to get it right and make it fun. Talk to others about how it should be done, what decor are suitable, and what is and isn’t it. We’re going to show you 12 home office ideas for two, start sharing so that you both agree.

Opposite Side

Back To Back Home Office For Two


Using the opposite side to build a personal workspace can prevent you from violating your partner’s privacy. Yes! You can still chat without seeing each other. This is an effective way to keep your focus on work. Desk and personal storage let you store whatever you want without worrying about ruining other people’s space. On the other hand, you can also more freely choose the type of table to use. It doesn’t matter if one person wants to use a space-saving desks for small spaces, and the other one uses an L-shaped desk which has a large surface area.

Invisible Desk Chairs

Home Office For Two

Ben Gebo Photography | Annsley Interiors

Using lucite chairs can avoid the room looking full.

The Same Sight

Home Office For Two

The Rath Project

Personal Storage

Storage Home Office For Two

Stuart M. Jones Custom Homes

Twins Home Office For Two

Twin Home Office For Two

Vicente Burin Architects

Share A Side

Share A Side - Home Office For Two

Apartment Apothecary | Photograph by KatharinePeachey.co.uk

Corner Office For Two

Corner Home Office For Two

Arsitek Ana Williamson | Paul Dyer

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Home Office For Two

Valgreen | Antoine Khidichian

Window Niche For Two

Window Niche Home Office For Two

Roger B. Lees Construction & Consulting

Backless Chairs

Home Office For Two

DCM Building Design & Drafting

Galley Home Office

Galley Home Office For Two

Студия дизайна PlatFORM

Playful Office

Playful Home Office For Two

Victoria Hopkins Interiors


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