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12 Small Home Office Ideas

Small Home Office COrner
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As working from home has become the new normal, it seems like everyone is required to have a proper workspace at home. That may not be a problem for those who have spacious space, while others who only live in a small home need creative ways to make it happen. That’s why this time we from Decorniche bringing you 12 fun and stylish small home office ideas. Just because you have a small room doesn’t mean you are squeeze on a small desk and pawn your comfort while working.

Minimalist Small Home Office

Keep It Minimalist - Small Home Office Ideas

Rowland+Broughton Architecture & Urban Design

Keep It Organized

Small Home Office Organizing Ideas

Blackbox design studios

Home Office Nook

Small Home Office Nook

Santamaria Design

Extend The Island

Small Home Office Kitchen

MAYA Architecture & Design

Use a Shelf Desk

SHelf Desk - Home Office Ideas

Photo: Sarah M. Young | smyphoto | Twelve Chairs

Create a secret workspace

Secret Workspace - Small Home Office

Cathy Phillips & Co

Doubling The Room Divider

Repurpose Room Divider - Small Home Office

Michael K Chen Architecture

Try Murphy Desk

Muprhy Desk - Small Home Office Ideas

Powell Picano bespoke furniture and kitchens

Corner Office

Small Home Office Corner Spot

Three Salt Design Co.

Sunny Spot Sanctuary

Sunny Spot Small Home Office

Gregory Davies Photography

Size Up The Desk

Small Home Office Desk Size


Keep It Clean

Small Home Office Storage Ideas


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