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15 Clever Desks For Small Spaces

Especially for most people who work from home, we believe that a home office is essential. A comfortable workspace makes you focus on work and subsequently more productive. The problem is, are you sure you have the luxury of abundant space to serve as a home office? Yep, not everyone has it. Unless you choose a smart desk that can turn any space into a workspace, you can use small square footage to serve as a home office or spare your bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen nook as a comfortable workspace. That’s why this time we from Decorniche came up with 12 clever desks for small spaces. Be inspired by these desks to create your dreaming workspace.

Built-in Floating Desk

Floating Corner Desks for Small Spaces

Built-in Floating Desk by Mast & Co. Builders, credits: Glo European Windows & Doors, Photo: Michael Haywood

Using a floating table to take advantage of the odd nook is a surefire way to double the space so, it can be used as a workspace as well. You don’t even need square footage to do it, find a suitable spot in an existing room, and magic it into your home office space.

Bookcase with Fold Down Desk

Fold down desk for small spaces

credit: CJ South Photography

Fold the bookcase into a desks for small spaces by adding a surface that you can pull down. It’s like taking one step to achieve two things. You can get a writing desk and a bookcase at the same time in one savvy place.

Window Desk

Floating window desk for small spaces

by Pause Studio; Alex Lukey Photography

In the kitchen, window bay often used as a breakfast corner. In the bedroom, you can use it for a home office. You only need to provide a built-in floating desks for small spaces that’s the same size as the available space. You can get a pleasant workspace because it is directly facing the outside view.

Mid Century Corner Desk

Corner desk for small spaces

Jute Interior Design

Making use of the corner of the room with L-shaped desk is a brilliant idea. It doesn’t take up floor space but, you can get more surface so you can move more freely while working or also when you have to store more computer knick-knacks.

Keylon Corner Desk

Cozy Small Space Nook Collection

Target Home

A small corner table like the Keylon which measures 29.75 Inches (H) x 42 Inches (W) x 28 Inches (D) is also great for doubling your space into a home office. It will still work great even on your smallest square footage.

Freestanding Narrow Desk

Narrow desk for small spaces

New Leaf Builders | David Clark

Not all spaces are perfectly square. When you want to take advantage of space that tends to lengthen, using a narrow table is the most likely thing.

An Alcove Workstation

Workstation Desk for Small Spaces

Clean Design

We believe that most homes have niches that often make us confused about how to use them. Using this space as a work station will solve the issue. Apart from getting the perfect little home office, now there are no more empty niches that clutter the view and spoil the home decor.

Hang Desks For Small Spaces

Hang desk for small spaces

Trimm Copenhagen

Without legs, the hanging table allows you to take advantage of the free space underneath. The hanging table also allows you to freely create workspace in any area of your home because you will tend to take advantage of vertical and ceiling space rather than floor space.

Lucite Desk

Lucite desk for small spaces

Found Associates | Guy Archard

In size, Lucite desk may be the same as other writing desks. But, the appearance of a lucite desk allows your small space to look more spacious. Lucite’s see-through character doesn’t limit the view, and the minimalist design enhances the decor even though it costs a lot of features.

Visa Desk By Anita

Small Desk for small spaces


This individual desk and chair set named Visa by Anita Neves is perfect for placing against any wall. This desk is suitable for those who are not used to being working in one room at home for a long time. Since it is portable, you can also be great for those of you who only work occasionally, or are used for informal purposes, scanning email, or surfing the internet.

Floating Drawers

Desk Alternative for small space

Lewis Birks, LLC

Using floating drawers that are already available at home can be a great alternative. However, make sure that it is sturdy enough to support your work tools.

Headboard Hidden Desk

Desks for small spaces

Malcolm Davis

Think creatively to get out of the limited space issue. You can get inspired by this folding headboard desk to double your bedroom into a workstation.

Built-in Murphy Desk

White Desk for Small Spaces

Eyco Building Group

Murphy’s desk keeps the table like a wall when it’s not in use. Using a Murphy desk is perfect for making spaces versatile. Unfortunately, you may have to book a built-in table and shell out a larger budget. But, we believe that every price is always directly proportional to quality.

Flapps Desk

Space Saving Desk

The Flapps smart desk is an alternative for those of you who want a murphy bed function, even though it’s not completely invisible when folded. Using a Flapps desk makes it easy for you to create a sitting or standing workstation.

Ladder Shelf Desk

Ladder Shelf Desk

While most smart desks are mounted hanging on the wall, this stair table piece comes with a different decision to lean against the wall. It takes up vertical space without injuring it. Its easier to move also tends to be more plug and play.

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