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10 Modern L-Shaped Desk Designs For Your Small Office

Your home office just got ready. Now, it’s time for you to complete the furniture and decorate it, especially bringing in the perfect desk. But what is the best desk for you? Is it a space-saving desk, something with a large surface area, or a supportive modern workbench? It’s a hard choice because these three are great things that should feature on every desk. Unless you bring a modern L-shaped desk into your home office, there’s no need to feel a dilemma about what features to choose. These 10 modern L-shaped desks prove that it only takes one piece to get a lot of features.

RemodEled IKEA Galant Series

Galant Series Modern L-Shaped Desks

Bill Fry Construction

This IKEA-style L-shaped writing desk can be your first choice when you want a practical way to bring a modern L-shaped desk into your office space. The IKEA galant series corner desk can also be combined with the drawers and storage bins from the Galant series and make for a modern setup that most people can rely on.

Italian-Style Modern L-shaped Desk

Italian Modern L-Shaped Desk

Cynthia J. Hoffman

Make a corner of your room look classy with a touch of Italian style. The modern L-shaped table above can be the perfect piece to do this.

FLoating L-Desk

Minimalist Modern L-Shaped Desk

Risinger Homes

Are you looking for the perfect desks for small spaces? Don’t get the wrong idea that filling a small space means that you have to find a small table too. You can measure the corner of the room and fill it with a floating L-shaped desk that has more length than the length of the room.

L-Desk for Two

Modern L-Shaped Desk For Two

Studio ST Architects

With two surface areas, the L-shaped desk allows you to create a home office for two. Even if it doesn’t matter when there is only a small space at home, you can still share your workspace with others. A little help from wall-hung storage can reduce floor space usage and allow you to move more freely while working.

Glass Tops L-Desk

Glass Top Modern L-Shaped Desk

Walker Edison

Don’t let a wider of the L-desk surface hamper the view and make the room look full. To work around this, you can use a glass top desk with a sleek frame.

The Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Style L-Shaped Desk for Small Spaces

My House Design/Build/Team

Incorporating a laid-back and cozy farm style into a cool-tended modern L desk is a shortcut for a small home office not to look unattractive. But, still maintaining the sophistication side.

Modular Designs

Modular Modern L-Shaped Desk


Bring in a modular L-desk to get around the lack of storage space. Apart from saving space, a modular desk allows you to work more focused without seeing the clutter on the surface.

Shelf Desk

Shelf Desk L-SHaped Desk Modern

CONTENT Architecture

L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

Modern L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

Kathryn J. LeMaster Art & Design

Are there too many documents to file? Mount the cabinet on top of your table and you now have an L-shaped table with a hutch that saves space, also provides plenty of storage space.

Modern Minimalist Desk

Modern Minimalilst L-Shaped Desk

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